Published on May 23, 2017

BREAKING: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES: The treason in Washington D.C. runs very deep but TRUMP JUSTICE has now come to town. Become an InspoNews partner @ PATREON: SUPPORT InspoNews & DONATE – CLICK ON THIS LINK: (Square) A $1, $5 or $10 or donation of any amount is appreciated. TO SUBSCRIBE, SELECT BELL & “GET NOTIFICATIONS” and I’ll see you soon!

BTW, who killed Seth Rich? Recent investigations are underway clearly showing felonious and High Crimes against the United States of America by John Brennan (former CIA director) Jim Comey (former FBI director & his brother also involved with the Clinton Foundation) Andrew McCabe ( current interim FBI director)Hillary Clinton, Sally Yates (former Obama interim AG)Susan Rice(former NSA to Obama) Ben Rhodes, Valarie Jarrett, James Clapper, (former DNI) Lois Lerner & IRS Commissioner) – that there was a concerted and coordinated effort to destroy the candidacy of President Donald Trump & since to fabricate impeachable charges against the honorable Donald J. Trump and his family & associates. These parties were also illegally spied upon and under a shadow government’s surveillance Capital crimes of murder are included including a new, full investigation of Seth Rich. The Russian fake narrative has now been widely discredited with a conspiratorial nutty left wing establishment media spinning out of control & daily destroying what little credibility it had left charging Trump with Treason without a shred of evidence proving any wrong doing by President Trump. Heads will roll at the new DOJ as Attorney General Jeff Session switches to full prosecutor mode- charges and arrests being imminent. Such Justice will be a great thing for America which was greatly hurt the past 8 years by widespread treason, bribery, kickbacks, murder, perversions, and over corruption by sundry members of the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION beginning with Eric Holder’s Fast & Furious illegal sale of US weaponry through the ATF – resulting in the deaths of DEA officers and even concert goers at the hands of ISIS in Paris. Meanwhile Donald Trump is emerging victorious from his recent overseas trip yet still righteously wroth over his mistreatment by many of the corrupt Federal parties mentioned above. Heads will roll as the LION from NYC begins to ROAR … Federico Cardella – InspoNews