Praise God for all of our Godly Fathers and Grandfathers That Came Before Us and Paved the Way For Shaping Our Beloved Nation!


Father’s Day is coming up and so I have taken the time to reflect on all of my many Godly fathers in my family.

My German ancestors emigrated in 1740 from Germany to Pennsylvania. They helped to form these United States. My ancestors have fought, bled, and died to defend and protect our nation. We will NEVER surrender to the evil ones!

All of my ancestors have gone to be with Jesus. I never thought that I would live to be one of the “elderly” in my family. I appreciate all that my ancestors have done, and gone through for our nation’s sake.

Wisdom of the Father

Praise God, that they were all good, hard working, Christian, patriotic Americans! I promise to do whatever I can to “wake up” and work to help keep our nation Free and return our beloved nation back into the Wonderful Republic that she used to be.  God help us save our nation. God bless America.

Hear my Children