Allen West: What I experienced at the gun range has me DOG-FIGHTING mad

Jim Campbell's

Former Congressman and Warrior Allen B. West makes a complete mockery of current attempts by the anti-gunners and 2nd Amendment haters of America that their plight will be short lived under the Trump Administration.

It is not good for patrons to get DOG-FIGHTING MAD at a gun range, but that happened to former Congressman Allen West this weekend.

Mr. West, on the Board of Directors for the National Rifle Association, learned of this infringement on his Second Amendment rites the hard way.

The desire to add a $20 part to his gun would ensue a $200 tax and a 10-month wait.

At 84 Feinstein would be the poster dowager for term limits.

He is meeting with President Trump at the NRA meeting in Atlanta this week. This subject might come up.

Ya Think?

Some people talk the talk, former congressman and Lt. Col Allen West has always walked the walk.

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