NO Thank You! You Keep The Islamic Terrorists = Refugees!! We Do Not Want Them Infiltrating America! We Are Not Dumb Enough To Allow The Barbaric Savages To Destroy Our Nation Like They Are England, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, etc……Come Legally, Or Not At All!!

By Alistair Smout and Luke Bridges LONDON (Reuters) – A banner reading “Build bridges not walls” was draped across London’s Tower Bridge as part of several protests in Europe and Asia on Friday against the inauguration of Donald Trump as U.S. president. Soon after sunrise, activists on the bridge, with its two Gothic-style towers, held […]

via British protesters tell Trump from Tower Bridge: ‘Build bridges not walls’ — The Crusader Journal

There will be no more England or any other civilized nations if the Islamic Conquests are NOT stopped!! Islamic Terrorists do NOT co-exist with civilized societies!!!