The End of an Error-67 days! Not Soon Enough For Me! The WORST Person to PRETEND to Love America and to Occupy our W.H.!


Not soon enough for me!! He is a DISASTER and DISGRACEFUL!! The Marxist, Muslim should NEVER have been allowed to INFILTRATE our W.H.!! I BLAME the #ClintonCartel for LYING, CHEATING, and ENABLING the SOB to INVADE our W.H. ILLEGALLY! He was NEVER vetted, his birth certificate was a FAKE, he has HID all of his records from Americans after telling us that he would be the most TRANSPARENT president ever, he hates America, he STOLE American taxpayers money by collecting college funds for being a FOREIGNER, then when it was convenient for him he claimed to be born in Hawaii, BULLSHIT! Hell, he should be in GITMO where the other TERRORISTS were, oh yeah, the SOB freed them all! 

He loves allah = satan; he gave taxpayers money-BILLIONS to Iran the greatest sponsor of TERRORISTS! He has RUN America into the ground, and he is therefore NOT fit or qualified to run a dog pound!! Hell, he would abuse the innocent dogs, and then he would eat them!! GTFO of our country and go back to the third world shit hole that you crawled out of-Kenya!!!