screenshot hillary clinton benghazi hearing what difference does it make

It makes a HELL of a lot of difference to me and many millions of other HONEST, HARD WORKING American Patriots, who are SICK to death of all the LYING, CHEATING, STEALING, and KILLING by #ClintonCartel and #HorribleHussein!!

Thank GOD, for WikiLeaks, or we could still be in the dark about ALL of the Corruption committed by the Demon-Rats in Obama’s Regime’s CRIMINAL actions! Julian Assange is a HERO!! LORD, keep him and his family safe.



#HorribleHussein your opinion means NOTHING to me or any of the millions of American Patriots, whom you have LIED, CHEATED, and STOLEN from! All day I had to listen to your TERRORIST ass on CNN = Clinton News Network! You make me SICK!! You have done NOTHING good for the blacks anymore than you have for any other race, nor Legal American Patriots of all colors!! You have already admitted that you would side with the TERRORISTS! #CRIMINALCLINTON has been bought off by the TERRORIST run nations!

You are just as bad as the #BenghaziBitch! You are BOTH “Soros puppets” and are “DESTROYING our Republic from within”!  You LIE, MAKE EXCUSES, and BLAME the whole world for all of your problems, and for why you are a FAILURE! We want NO part of your MARXIST, MUSLIM agendas or vision for America! You are on CNN begging for black Americans to vote for the #BenghaziButcher, and trying your Alinskey’s scare tactics to try and MANIPULATE others into voting for the WITCH!


ANYONE that does not vote, votes third party, or votes for the EVIL WITCH, the  #CROOKEDCLINTON are either ignorant as hell or “bought off” by the Corrupt in power!! You are a TRAITOR to America if you side with and ENABLE the enemies of America!!