Clinton is NO Role Model for Women!


Clinton is NO Role Model for Women, anymore than Obama is a Role model for young men of any color!! If you want your daughters and granddaughters to believe that it is OK to LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, and KILL to get what they want, then you might want a WHORE like Clinton to occupy our W.H.! Unless you are a Criminal or Obama THUG, then you will NEVER vote for that WHORE!

The EVIL WITCH is running TV ads trying to convince and MANIPULATE people into believing that #Donald Trump is unfit to be president, what a CROCK of SHIT!


Donald Trump is NOT an alcoholic or drug addict, and when it really counted he would be available to make the best decision for us Americans and America! Vote for #ONLYTRUMP to save our nation from the Corrupt, Career politicians, that will LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, and KILL to get whatever they want from the INNOCENT taxpayers!!

God help us all if the #BenghaziBitch is allowed to STEAL the W.H.!! There will be WAR! The last eight years has been HELL enough, can you imagine how HORRIBLE it will be when the WITCH continues finishing off America!! PLEASE, don’t allow that #CORRUPTCLINTON and #BASTARDOBAMA to continue to DESTROY our country!!!!


OMG, the #BenghaziBitch has the GALL to be running ads on TV trying to convince people about how wonderful that she is and how she has fought for “womens’s and children’s rights!!! My GOD, what a LYING BITCH!! She has done NOTHING for anyone except for HERSELF, the #BenghaziButcher!!! Anyone IGNORANT enough to vote for that EVIL WITCH is too STUPID to live!!!!