Say it ain’t so Slick Willey: The sexual escapades of a very old creepy lounge lizzard

Jim Campbell's

crew-2231211Bill Clinton was and still is such a creepy lounge lizard that he would still take a shot at any living breathing woman who could still for a mirror.

One wonders how many of his victims were underage?

It would seem highly probable.

Politico Magazine

October 14, 2016

American politics went a bit crazy in the late 1990s.


Tonight, Donald Trump decided to drag it back there.

It seems like a long time ago that President Bill Clinton’s sex life became Washington’s biggest story since Watergate.

The nation was at peace, the economy was humming, and the deficit was vanishing when Republicans launched a ferocious campaign to impeach him over his handling of a dalliance with an intern.

The entire saga was bizarre beyond belief, informing the world about cigars, thongs, and other incredibly sordid details of the president’s behavior behind closed doors.

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