My God, how can you people be so IGNORANT as to vote for the WITCH and CRIMINAL Clinton??


God help us all, if that #BenghaziBitch is allowed to STEAL the election, our country will continue to be destroyed “from within” by one of the most EVIL, CORRUPT, CROOKED, COMMUNIST, LYING, CHEATING, BLAMING, and EXCUSE MAKING alcoholic/addict in history!! #CrookedClinton and #OBastardObama should have been in prison long ago!!


Obama is a Drug Addict too, and they are both owned by Soros, the Commie PIGS!! We do NOT want or need four or eight more years of Hussein’s DESTRUCTION, and DEVASTATION of our beloved nation!!


Some have tried to defend the SOB! They tell us that he hasn’t used since high school. I don’t believe it! Just because no one has caught him does not mean, that he is not using anymore. I think that Clinton and Obama are both alcoholic/drug addicts! They all exhibit the personality traits of one. For instance, LYING, CHEATING, STEALING, BLAMING, and MAKING EXCUSES for their behaviors!!

Image result for CLINTON is a dope fiend

Hell, Bill Clinton looks like an old dope fiend, and he is on his last leg, Hillary looks like one too!! No one knows how many different drugs, that WITCH is on!! 

Anyone who votes for the #BenghaziButcher is a TRAITOR to America!!!! Vote for #OnlyTrump to help save our beloved nation. I just find it hard to believe that we have ANYONE ignorant enough to vote for that #CriminalClinton!!

My God, how can you people be so STUPID?? Lord, help us all if you fools vote for that #BenghaziButcher!!