Wikileaks: Saudis Paid Hillary To Kill Gaddafi, Enable ISIS. Still Funding Her Campaign

I cannot wait to see the #BenghaziBitch and #BenghaziButcher go to ROT IN HELL with Obama for all of their EVIL deeds with our taxpayers money! For God’s sake, vote for #ONLYTRUMP to take back our country!! America and the rest of the world cannot stand another eight years of HELL from the same TREASONOUS agendas from the last eight years of HELL with Obama!

Jim Campbell's

crew-2231211It’s called the “tick tock” email, just recently released by Wikileaks.

The email at the bottom of today’s post, shows Hillary Clinton’s office outlining how Mrs. Clinton must be given full credit for what took place in Libya before and after the fall of the Gaddafi regime.

benghazi-real-americansA fall that resulted in a missing 1.5 billion dollars sent to Libya by Hillary Clinton, the subsequent death of four Americans, including the images-41

first U.S. ambassador to die on duty in more than thirty years, and thousands more deaths as Libya descended into anarchy.

Hillary Clinton will forever be known as the butcher of Benghazi.

Made seemingly of Teflon, Obama’s Department of Justice will not try her in court.

All realize, Hillary would roll over on Obama, crushing him to the thickness of a U.S. Postage Stamp
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Tyler Durden

                                                           August 28, 2016

And it was all done after the…

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