There is NOTHING STABLE about Hillary Clinton!


The Corrupt, Crooked, Clinton, and #BenghaziBitch and her puppets are running a video on TV stating that #Trump is NOT STABLE! My God the #CROOKEDCLINTON is not only UNSTABLE but SICK, EVIL, and working for the Devil!

OMG, what a line of shit, but that is their “mode” of using the idea that if you tell a LIE loud enough and repeat it often enough, that people will believe it! Don’t fall for the DEMONS lies, trickery, and manipulating!! She thinks that we are STUPID! Let’s prove that #BENGHAZIBITCH wrong!!

“The Clinton’s and their vassals essentially accuse Trump and Manafort of treason against their own Country when in fact it’s Bill and Hillary who have profited in the Ukraine. Since they constantly accuse their opponents of doing the exact same thing that they themselves do, I often wonder if this is their way to let us know the truth.”