Obama the Criminal Traitor Fraud is Islam’s Trojan Horse!

Obama the criminal traitor fraud is Islam’s Trojan Horse.

To disarm is suicidal especially when our country arms, funds, and supports home grown terrorists on our soil and continues to defend the acts of terrorism being perpetrated on our people.

Obama aka Barry Sotero the criminal traitor fraud “cannot be trusted” we knew nothing about this manchurian candidate who sealed his personal records and procured the presidency by connivance’s, frauds, perjuries, racism and rigged elections.


Obama aka Barry Sotero the criminal traitor fraud’s attorneys had advised and “recommended” that the fraud seal his personal records or he may be removed, prosecuted and convicted on multiple felonies.


Obama aka Barry Sotero the criminal traitor fraud secured his rigged elections by contracting the marxist billionaire George Soros who’s marxist company in Spain counted the United States presidential electoral votes this was in fact a blatant violation of free elections and American Sovereignty and was done solely to evade a valid recount, this in fact caused the criminal coup d’e tat of America.


Obama aka Barry Sotero the criminal traitor fraud has armed, funded and supported multiple terrorist organizations including and not limited to the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS that seek the annihilation of America.


Obama aka Barry Sotero has pardoned and released 6 high ranking terrorists from Guantanamo Bay detention facility that have access to the training camps in the United States and are back and forth in the middle east killing American soldiers.


“One too many massacres, one too many stand down orders and one too many acts of treason, one too many violations of our borders, laws and constitution” this clearly demonstrates Obama aka Barry Sotero the criminal traitor fraud’s motives of being the Trojan Horse of Terrorism.


Open borders have paved the way for the Mexican cartels 2 trillion dollar a year drug trade, it has also paved the way for terrorists (anti-Americans), criminals and illegals to evade detection and entry into the United States.

The deal in Iran was absolutely insane removing the boycott and returning the 150 billion dollars frozen in sanctions without the return of our hostages shows that Obama the criminal traitor fraud is not acting in the best interest of America and giving Iran nuclear capability clearly demonstrates where his true allegiance lays.


The only inferences being drawn by the “recent and ongoing massacres, acts of treason and human sacrifices” in the United States at this time is that the terrorist are now working hand in hand with Obama aka Barry Sotero the criminal traitor fraud and these acts of terror by terrorists may be committed to orchestrate the disarmament of our “true American patriots” while these terrorist camps throughout the United States continue to train and prepare with state of the art weapons to annihilate Americans.


The terrorists refugees have been deceptively arriving every day into the United States without the “consent of the people” by Obama aka Barry Sotero the criminal traitor fraud and his terroristic reign of terror to fill his now “35 active terrorist camps” throughout the country that have been armed, funded and trained to kill Americans as this traitor scum seeks to violate our 2 amendment and other constitutional rights that protects our country’s borders, elections, laws, constitution and sovereignty from invading foreigners, terrorists, criminals illegals and domestic anti-American forces seeking to overthrow America!


Obama aka Barry Sotero the criminal traitor fraud and his terroristic reign of terror illegally squatting in the White House “must” be removed, audited, prosecuted, convicted and hanged for their high treasons, felonies, frauds and the trillion dollar looting of America’s fortune in the interest of justice and national security.


source: Joseph Christian Henry Ardito