OMG, I JUST SAW A PAID ADVERTISEMENT BY THE #BENGHAZIBITCH and it states that #Trump is Too Dangerous! What a fucking LYING, WHORE!

She is the one that is TOO DANGEROUS! #CrookedClinton is a brain damaged DOPE FIEND just like Bill Clinton is!!! They both have LIED, CHEATED, ROBBED, and MURDERED hundreds of INNOCENT people, including our HEROES in Benghazi!


They MUST be forced to pay their consequences for all of their CRIMES!! Vote for #ONLYTRUMP to take back our country from the LIARS and #CrookedClinton!!


Sing lyrics below to tune of “Beautiful Dreamer,” by Stephen Foster (to whom profound apologies are due). Feel free to share if you dare.

(First verse)
Mur-der-ing schem-er, a-wak-en you witch,
No one will vote for your brain dam-aged bitch.
We aren’t all stu-pid like you want to think,
Spare us your B.S. and go to the clink.
Ben-ghaz-i Butch-er, you can’t have your way.
Scheme with that mo-ron and you both have to pay.
Con-fess to trea-son, we all must in-sist,
‘Cause you and that golf bum cre-a-ted I-SIS.
(Second verse)
So-cial-ist dream-er, you are such a clown,
You and that mad thug are go-in’ straight down.
Your lies so darn twist-ed have caught up with you,
Wake up and know that your lives are now through.
Mur-der-ing schem-er, it’s time you with-drew.