OMG, I LOVE IT! Finally ‪#‎TRUMP‬ is going on the offensive instead of the defensive. This not brutal, but the TRUTH! It has been PROVEN, that Clinton is a PERVERT, and Killary likes women.
OMG, Bill was the sleaze, but CROOKED, and CRAZY Killary harassed, covered up, LIED, and destroyed those women’s life to stay in our WH.! The CRAZY BITCH needs a psychiartrist! I BLAME them both! Bill is a DOPE FIEND, and Hillary is too, and she allowed and ENABLED it to happen!! She has done NOTHING good for America! I call her the ‪#‎BenghaziBitch‬!!! She is RESPONSIBLE for many ruined lives and deaths!! I hope that she rots in jail or hell!! They are both LIARS and USERS!! My mentor taught me that USERS will USE you until they SUCK you dry!! We the People, are DRY and ANGRY!!