Trump Should Demand Presidential Debate Rules Be Changed

I agree…let the candidates submit their twenty questions, not the Hillary Crooked, biased, news clan. Let her pick 20 for him, and let him pick 20 for him. Trump is the one that is drawing the people to watch. If he were not on there I would not watch it, in fact I probably won’t anyway because the Benghazi Bitch is just going to continue her LIES, and try to TRASH Trump! Go with God Trump! I hope that you kick the bitch’s ass!

MN Prager Discussion Group

Nearly every establishment political and  communications industry  is  a leftist gang devoted to  the downfall of Our Donald….The guy is too American for them.

The best opportunity available for these “Pressed” leftists to pump up love for Crooked Hillary will come with the debates.   Her toadies will select the questions  determining  the content, tone, drive and favor of  the  questions the candidates must answer.    Who will ask real questions exposing  the real crooked Hillary?  No one.

What a chance, however, for this Hillary  newsgang to “Megyn” Donald Trump again, as Ms. feminist Kelly did last August 6 at the first Fox Debate, saving her pancake and syrup to serve  her  favorites while  attacking Trump  and Trump  alone for emoting  about certain dislikeable fems  like Rosie O’Donnell.

Our Donald is a  rare breed.  He’s not a crooked lawyer like Hillary….He is Donald, not a model establishment stooge politician like Hillary…

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