Dose of Truth: Dallas Police Ambush Was A Domestic Racist Terror Attack

We the People, the Legal, Law abiding Americans love and support our police, that put their lives on the line every day to “serve” and “protect” us!!! Only the Criminals and Illegals hate our HEROES, because they do not want to abide by our laws!! The MURDERERS will pay for all of their EVIL! We are grateful for our police and our military HEROES, that are trying to protect us from the Demon-Rat=Communists=Criminals!!

The Tactical Hermit


Let us call this ambush in Dallas what it is.  A domestic racist terror attack aimed at white people and white police. From

One of the suspects in the ambush-style shootings in Dallas that left five police officers dead overnight told a hostage negotiator he was upset about the recent police shootings of two black men and he wanted to kill white people, especially cops, Dallas Police Chief David Brown said at a news conference this morning.

Seven hours after the first shots, last suspect was shot and killed.
The groundwork for this sort of attack has been laid by the Obama administration over the last seven and a half years.  The Obama administration has been quick to fan the flames of anti-white racism in the black community.

The Obama administration has been quick to blame racism for incidents that later turned out to be completely justified and…

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