God Help Us, If Trump Does Not Become Our President!

A man who took two co-workers hostage at an Amarillo, Texas, Walmart Tuesday was a Muslim refugee from Somalia, and that fact came as no surprise to those who track the federal government’s robust refugee resettlement program. Amarillo is bursting at the seams with foreign refugees, from Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and its mayor […]

via U.S. city where cops shot Walmart hostage-taker flooded with refugees — Everybody Loves Trump

We MUST stop allowing the Corrupt, Communists in power to keep INVADING our cities and states with Muslim Demons!


For God and country, PLEASE UNITE and vote for the only person that can and will STOP this INSANITY!! DEPORT them all back to where they came from. It is NOT the American taxpayers job to support the rest of the world’s rejects!!! The money to support these INVADERS does NOT come out of thin air, it is STOLEN from the hard working American taxpayers!!

STOP THE INVASION!! Take care of Americans FIRST! There are millions of Legal Americans out of work, and our POS government gives the jobs to foreigners, TREASONOUS!!


Vote for #ONLYTRUMP to take back our country from the DEMONS!!