The Communists in power may call martial law to stop #TRUMP

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The Communists in power are TERRIFIED that #TRUMP is going to win, and they will lose some of their power that they have LIED, CHEATED, and STOLEN from us the legal American taxpayers!

We the People, have news for you Corrupt BASTARDS in Washington! We will NOT be intimidated, or manipulated into voting for another one of your N.W.O. puppets like Bush, Rubio, Cruz, or any other! #ONLYTRUMP will get my vote and millions others of American Patriots! You want a war, then you got it! Bring it on! Molon Labe!!

Trump insider says establishment may declare martial law if Trump wins – April 28, 2016 Trump insider Roger Stone told Alex Jones on Wednesday the establishment may pull a range of dirty tricks, including the imposition of martial law, to prevent Donald Trump from assuming office if he wins the election in November. […]

via Trump Election: Military Infrastructure in Place for Martial Law — Exposing Modern Mugwumps