Warning American Patriots!


Warning TRUMP supporter’s; Ted Cruz is part of the corrupt GOP establishment and in a video said he would support (30) thirty thousand Syrian refugees coming into the United States he also said in a news video that he supported amnesty for illegal’s.

Ted Cruz is a “plagiarizer” he has never had an original thought in his life he is a puppet for the RNC & GOP corrupt politicians, he uses phrases from movies and he uses Trumps campaign redbrick as his own. Ted Cruz is a LIAR, CHEAT, and back stabber.

The Wisconsin poles were rigged and Trump votes were destroyed, this is Voter fraud and should be investigated. Ted Cruz is also working back room deals and getting delegates that he didn’t earn.

Colorado hasn’t even had their primary election yet but Ted Cruz stole 21 delegates from Trump and is after more. It was said tonight on NBC news that if the people i.e. American voters elected Donald J. Trump into office the vial corrupt politicians on Capitol Hill would not accept his nomination to office.

“We the People” are the government! The people of this great nation and the American voter puts into office who we wish and who we want to represent us on Capitol Hill. The time has come to purge these corrupt politicians that are a plague in our American government.

Fight back with your vote, So America vote, vote for Donald J. Trump for your President. Donald J. Trump is the only candidate that has raised 6 million dollars for vets, 1 million of his own money, what candidate has done this. Union Workers Backing Donald Trump SEIU Head Says Republican Appeals To Working Class Members!

Trump cannot and will not be bought, bribed, intimidated, and has no special entrusted groups behind him telling what to do.

Trump wants to bring back Merry Christmas and keep in GOD WE TRUST to our currency.

Trump supports our 2nd Amendment Rights to the letter. Trump is trying to protect and restore the constitution of this great country.

He will support and protect our service men and woman and the American public. He is self-funded get other candidates to do the same. He is firm on immigration and Muslim refugees not coming to the United States.

He will build a wall and Mexico will pay for it.

Heads will roll on Capitol Hill Demarcates and GOP Republicans are terrified of a TRUMP Presidency.

Politicians have ripped and torn our country apart and the American people are fed up.

One other man that made his bid for the White House was not a politician he wasn’t even a lawyer he was an actor. He became the governor of California. This man wanted to help our country and try to “Make it great again.” He also had an uphill battle and was fought all the way and he was almost assassinated but he ended up our great fortieth President Ronald Reagan.

Donald J. Trump will be our next President, get used to it, the GOP will back Mr. Trump when he is the nominee or face a public revolt…..SHARE, SHARE, SHARE, SHARE.

When there are caucuses its disgraceful and corrupt that Trump loses even when it shows that he was ahead. Caucuses are rigged, and they need to be investigated for voter fraud and tampering. The only way that Obama won was by voter fraud and cheating.  

If Trump loses to Cruz the voters lose to the establishment because Cruz is part of the corrupt D.C. political establishment and the voters lose…….Again!! And…NOTHING change’s…the voters still LOSE!!  

Ted Cruz is responsible for the photo of Trump’s wife he is the desperate to win!! Cruz is a Canadian and therefore NOT eligible to occupy our W.H.!!

For God’s sake, wake up Americans, look where allowing a NON – American to occupy our W.H. has done to our country through their Marxist Muslim agendas!!