Politicians, all of them, including Ted Cruz, promise everything yet deliver NOTHING!

Tony Green Dallas, TX, United States

“I am addressing this out of concern that so many of you do not understand what is happening politically to Donald Trump’s bid for the White House. The fact it is intensifying rapidly is alarming and constitutes a detailed explanation. I believe this is the clearest explanation you will find.

Trump has his supporters but he certainly has dedicated adversaries. I know why I support Donald Trump but I am not here to explain why I support him. Rather I am advising you why those determined to stop him are wrong.

If you ask why one opposes Donald Trump you will get a plethora of answers. The most common are; he is derogatory towards women, he is a racist, a homophobe, Islamaphobe, too rich, bombastic and incites violence. If these are true, I want to see or hear the unedited quotes and I want to qualify the source(s).

If Donald Trump is a sexist, where are the lawsuits or indictments charging him with claims he has sexually assaulted a woman, made suggestive or harassing comments or gestures towards a woman, or had mistresses and/or prostitutes exposing him as the misogynist he is accused by those with an agenda to be? The only stories being told are of women Trump has dated, and current and former females employed by the Trump Organization all speak of him as a gentleman. If that were not true, would the scandals not have been broken to expose and destroy him?


If Trump were a racist, where are all of the discrimination allegations from x-employees and applicants? All the documents and court transcripts from such actions would be public record and certainly would have been exposed, so where are they? …And where are the whistle-blowers for the “Paula Dean-Style” racist comments such as use of the infamous “N-word”? There are none. Is Donald Trump a racist? There is absolutely no evidence to support such an audacious claim.

Many homosexuals that I know (and I know many) do not support Donald Trump but frankly, most cannot provide a direct answer as to why that is. I can guarantee you they could go back for the past 40 years and not find anything related to hateful gestures, slurs or opposition towards homosexuals aside from being open about his attraction towards women. Again, where are the discrimination complaints and court records on lawsuits for such allegations?


As for Islamaphobia, I have no shame for being an Islamphobe. You know why? I am informed. I have read the Quran (multiple times) and I have studied the life of Muhammad and Islam from its inception. I can quote scripture from the Quran that proves why no candidate in our history has gone far enough with what they warn or say of Islam or its followers. As it turns out, Trump was right in cautioning us about Muslims visiting the United States as well as his warnings about Brussels. Now other candidates are trying to take the same stand without admitting Trump was right.


As for being too rich, that’s just jealousy or outright ignorance. Since when in a capitalist society with free trade is it a bad thing to be successful or too successful? And why would Trump’s impressive resume and leadership background exclude him as a viable president? Is it better to have a president who has never had a real job and has only the money they amass in “public service” run our economy?


Bombastic? You mean like the arrogant, dishonest President Barrack Hussein Obama has proven to be? Donald Trump is not bombastic. Trump does not have a speech writer and teleprompter with time to rehearse lies in front of a mirror, nor has he had years as a career politician to build up the training necessary to look you in the face and for years and years, never tell the truth. Trump is not bombastic. He is passionate and speaks from his heart with conviction and candor.

The claim that Trump incites violence is ridiculous. If he encourages violence and the disruptive repression of your 1st Amendment Rights, why would he do so at his rallies as opposed to the rallies of his opponents? The ones inciting and provoking violence are plants from those with an agenda. Don’t believe Trump is responsible for the outbreak of uncontrollable and unsolicited actions, which are orchestrated by the reprehensible George Soros.

As for the reporter incident with his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, of course he stands behind his manager. Michelle Fields’ story was retracted, or at the least revised the moment Trump released the video showing that Lewandowski did not throw her to the ground. In fact, she did not even lose her balance. In order for him to be found guilty of battery, Lewandowski would have to have demonstrated an intentional action to do harm to the reporter. This is a witch-hunt and we should know better.

As for those upset for the way Trump responds to attacks, he has not once personally begun an attack on any of the candidates. In the beginning, he made plenty of generalized statements about politicians but did not initiate the personal attacks. Rather they, along with much of the media attacked Trump with veracity. Why, because they are afraid of him. Any situation where your integrity is untruthfully attacked with an audience that knows no better, you should vehemently respond as Trump has done. When your opponent strikes at you, you strike back with a proportional response. If they refuse to retreat then you destroy them. The battle between wives started with a Cruz Super-PAC going after Melania Trump. Trump gave a proportional response. Do not believe for a second that Ted Cruz did not know about that ad before its release. Surely you already question Cruz’s honesty and willingness to compromise his morals to win at any cost following what he did to Dr. Ben Carson, don’t you?

Finally, what about the anger that seems to be a common denominator among Trump’s supporters, why are they angry? A better question is, why aren’t you angry? Do you not understand that if you aren’t angry for what Washington is doing to us you either, do not understand what is happening (which is inexcusable) or your views of America oppose everything our country was founded upon and once stood for? When you get angry things only change for the worst, there is justifiable wrath that follows. You don’t whisper and politely object. Our federal government and politicians do not hear you America! THEY ARE NOT LISTENING TO YOU! In fact, they ignore your cries.

Politicians, all of them, including Ted Cruz, promise everything yet deliver NOTHING.

Their careers are based on complete dishonesty. I am sick of it. You should be. There is no polite way to fight the ongoing tyranny in Washington. Boldness in its strongest most forceful manner is all that will suffice.

Folks why should we despise a successful billionaire who has a beautiful and intelligent wife that speaks five languages? Donald Trump has an extraordinary family who’s children despite being born into immense privilege were not spoiled, have no arrest records, children out of wedlock, none of which ever had to check into any rehabilitation programs for substance abuse, or been kicked out of any schools or social clubs for misconduct. And nobody from their childhood or pasts as young adults has come forward to expose them for anything. This does not happen by accident. It certainly did not come from a family with an absentee father. The patriarch of the Trump Family is Donald. I guess it comes down to the fact his family is not normal. The Trump’s aren’t average and not because of money, because of class.

In closing I have news for you all of you: those who suggest under no circumstances would they support Donald Trump as the nominee; you are extremely dangerous, even if for nothing more than naivety. If anybody else gets the GOP Nomination, Hillary Clinton will be the next president. Perhaps Barack Obama could end up on the Supreme Court? If Trump loses the nomination, leaving the country in mass exodus might not be such a ridiculous notion. If Clinton were to become president, I believe it would be the death of our Republic and our Constitution will surely be destroyed long before 2020. They both may die in a baptism of fire by a revolution. If it were to come to that, I argue those left to fight were not willing to fight for the country when it mattered so by then, it will only be for self-preservation.

There is no perfect candidate and there will never be a perfect America.

There will always be some things we like and some, not so much. However, if you love America you understand how blessed you are to be an American. If you do not love and appreciate your citizenship, perhaps you should spend some time abroad? And I am not referring to the tourist parts of other nations. Go and experience the reality of other countries, then come back and lets see if your views change a bit. To give up entirely on the 2016 Presidential Election and be so selfish that you’d be willing to wreck the whole country because of a few things you dislike about the only hope America has at preserving ourselves would be the actions of a fool.”
source-Tony Green


Excellent post! I love it so much that I had to share! I agree 100% with every point made! I could care less what the candidates hair looks like, or who they have sex with! My God, is that all they have against him? I have written the same thing: There are no perfect candidates, just as there are no perfect people! Hell, get over it!! Think about what is most important: SAVING AMERICA! Trump is the ONLY candidate NOT bought off, and he is a Legal American; and he is the only one that CAN and WILL beat the Murderess Communist Clinton and the Socialist Senile Sanders!