CNN Asked, “How is Donald J. Trump going to be judged in history?


TRUMP LANDSLIDE 2016My God, what IDIOTS! How about you ask, “How is Barack Hussein Obama going to be judged in history?” CNN = Communist News Network!

BHO is a DISGRACE to America! He is Liar, Thief, Illegal, Marxist, Muslim, Gay, Murderer, Trashy, Terrorist Usurper! He will be judged to be the Greatest HOAX perpetrated on America!!

HRC is a Communist, Enabler, Liar, Thief, Gay, Atheist, and Murderess!!

BS is a Senile Socialist!

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Interview

Donald J. Trump is our only HOPE! He is a HERO, a Businessman, Honest, Negotiator, Problem Solver, Christian, NRA, Conservative, and Capitalist!

America DESPERATELY needs #TRUMP to help take our country back, and #MakeAmericaGreatAgain!


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