Send the Illegal Usurper to Gitmo With the Other Terrorists

Fox Business - Charles Payne

This guy is ABSOLUTELY right, and I agree with him 100%!

Any Loyal, Legal American will say the same thing.

Anyone who does not agree with him is a TRAITOR to America and are siding with the TERRORISTS like B. HUSSEIN O is doing!!!!

STRIP them of their American citizenship put them on the Terrorist Watch List, and BAN them from coming to America; ANYTIME they leave to go fight for the TERRORISTS!!

Anyone who does not come here legally and pay taxes as a U.S. citizen should NEVER be allowed to receive any benefits meant for our Legal American Elderly, Sick, and Veterans!!!

America is being SUCKED DRY by the INVADERS!! We are trillions of dollars in debt thanks to BHO and his Communist cronies!!  NONE of our taxpayers money should EVER be given to islamic hell holes like Iran!! 


If they refuse to PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE to the United States of America they should be BANNED from immigrating!!

There are many Legal immigrants that are not being allowed to immigrate here who have skills, and yet the TRAITOROUS SOB in our W.H. is not allowing them to emigrate here, because they are not muslim!!

We do NOT need anymore unemployed, unskilled, welfare cases from foreign countries, nor do we need anymore muslims, they do NOT assimilate or co-exist with normal people.

When my ancestors immigrated to America, they came here legally, worked for what they had, and were grateful to escape communism and pledged allegiance to the United States of America.

Millions of people still today fight to escape the Communist third world shit holes, and I, for the life of me CANNOT comprehend why they would want to try and turn our country into the shit hole that they crawled out of!! 

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