Bill Clinton’s role in the abolition of the Glass Steagall Act

Jim Campbell's

crew-22312By Jim Campbell,

Yep, Slick was involved , and when it comes to dealing with  money, the Clinton’s are usually involved.

In this case the President William Jefferson Clinton signed a law in 1999 repealing it, betting the banks would fund his speaking career one he was out of office

Glass-SteagallIt’s not surprise that Hillary is for reinstatement and the socialist Bernie Sanders is against it.

Hillary has her eyes on future speaking engagements even though the speaking fees will be a pittance in prison where she belongs.

Doing away with the Glass Steagall Act was a principle reason behind the great housing bubble in the early 200o’s  and subsequent

2008-Housing-Market-Crashcrash around 2010 crash as loans were give on homes that the borrower could not repay.

Republicans in committee reminded the democrats that their game was doomed to fail, and of course it did.

Dick briefly mentioned the term, “

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