Follow the law or resign


Jim Campbell's

crew-22312The article below was written for members of the Supreme Court.



Recently they have rendered decisions in Obama Care and Gay marriage thath did not follow the law.

Those who voted for Obama’s pet projects were adjudicating law from the bench and not following the strict letter of the law.

Progressives favor the Constitution to be considered a “Living breathing document,” changeable at their slight whim.”
Conservatives tend to favor interpreting the Constitution as written to make sure a lasting constitutional republic will exist.
The same should be the case for members who refuse to uphold their oath’s to protect congress from all enemies foreign and domestic and the citizens of the United States.
They have failed to do so, Obama hasn’t been impeached. 
Had they followed their oaths to protect America from all enemies foreign and domestic Obama would be gone.
Obama has proved time and…

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