Mayor DeBlasio Uses NYPD “Sea of Blue” Funeral to Preach Gun Control

Jim Campbell's

crew-22312The people of New York City are so completely ignorant they deserve the Marxist loud mouthed DeBlasio.

debWho brought the dummy?

There could not be a better place for him unless he was drafted by the People’s Republic of California in exchange for Governor “Moonbeam,” and a cast of commies to be named later. 

“We get the government we deserve.16529_10206560047781397_3230508681267791840_n

Lefty’s prove that in most elections.


By :Mona Salama

For the fourth time in just 11 short months, a sea of Blue gathered to say their final goodbye to yet another NYPD officer.

Officer Randolph Holder was shot dead by a career criminal in East Harlem last week. A five-year veteran of the NYPD, Holder was only 33 years old. The criminal, Tyrone Howard, was out on the streets after being given drug rehab instead of jail time, thanks to a Democrat judge who overlooked Howard’s more…

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