Criminal Hypocrites: The Active Hypocrisy of President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s Gun Control Stance


Jim Campbell's

crew-22312Of course if you could stop the flow of weapons in your pointy little head that might cut back on needless deaths but only in your delusions.

Were you thinking about that Hillary as Secretary of State when you Authorized Eric Holder to conduct “Operation Gunrunner,” AKA Fast and Furious?

Of course not.


By :Michael Ingmire

Oct. 2,  2015
One of the most shameful forms of discourse in the current political dialogue is the use of a tragedy where there is a loss of life to promote an agenda.
I find it disturbing in the recent mass shootings that in the aftermath there is an immediate call for gun control.

Whether considering recent shooting deaths in the cities of Chattanooga, Shreveport, Charleston West Virginia, or Charleston South Carolina, or Thursday’s shooting in Oregon, the official response from the Obama Administration and, by extension, Hillary Clinton is always…

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