Families Choose Homeschooling to Escape Draconian California Vaccination Mandates


From Ron Paul Institute for Peace And Prosperity, by Adam Dick

undefinedThere is an “out” for Californian parents and children dreading the July 2016 implementation of the state’s recently adopted Senate Bill 277 — draconian legislationeliminating exemptions to child vaccination mandates. That out is homeschooling, and many Californian parents are spending this year exploring homeschooling and preparing for a homeschooling future.

While children attending government and private schools, as well as other entities including daycares, in the state will be mandated starting next summer to submit to a state-set vaccination schedule with virtually all exemption means eliminated, the new law does not apply to children in homeschool.

Californian father Davis Fairon says in a KGO-TV news story that the vaccination mandate is a threat to freedom. States Fairon, “we’re not allowed to think for ourselves; we’ve got to do what the government tells us to do.” Fairon and…

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