Police Threaten to “Lock Up” Students For Carrying an American Flag While Protesting Against Free Speech Zones


Jim Campbell's

crew-22312The American people are completely clueless about how the Police believe they can make up law as they see fit.

This is one of many examples showing an officer who is a bit to full of himself.

This happens often with traffic stops and subsequent tickets that are being issued.

A little known work around is the “Plea by Declaration,” that any motorist can file to get themselves out of most alleged traffic infractions.


As seen on Drudge: “You can’t do it out here. Otherwise I’m going to lock you up.”

Students participating in Turning Point USA’s Free Speech Week were threatened to be arrested by College of DuPage campus police, according to audio and video released by those present.

These students were handling out Turing Point USA pamphlets explaining the problems with “free speech zones” and encouraging students to engage in more free speech on campus.

Then, a campus police officer, whose name we will omit to protect his identity, confronted the students and demanded they stop handing out literature…

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