It is NOT just weird but EVIL, SELFISH and IGNORANT!


It is not just weird but EVIL, SELFISH, and IGNORANT for people to crawl into America and LEECH off our system, and then they try to change her into the same third world hell hole that they ESCAPED from!!!

Don’t mistake our kindness for weakness!

We will fight to keep our country Free and Capitalist!

We will NOT allow you heathens to turn our country into a Communist or Socialist country!!

People are dying to ESCAPE the EVILS of Socialism and Communism!


America love it, or leave it!! We don’t come to your country and try to change it or leech off of it!

We the People, love our country and we are sick to death of you USING our country for your dumping grounds!

Either assimilate, learn our language, pay your dues = taxes, become American citizens, or go back to where you came from!! 



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