Death By Dynasties: Jeb, Hillary, and Disaster !

I love it!! I have been screaming….NO MORE BUSHES, CLINTONS, etc…..

Jim Campbell's

crew-22312 By Jim Campbell

Bill Whittle  has done it again.

In a very short segment he explains to us why dynasties will not continue to thrive in U.S. politics no matter how much money and advertisements are put behind them.


Well it’s possible for anything to happen and the average voter in America is beyond stupid.

How else do we account for Obama a “Marxist Charlton” being elected not once but two times?

In the case of Hillary Clinton a fitting place for her to take her final rest would be in the La Brea Tarpits in Southern California.


She would do well with the other troglodytes that died in the tar there.

Jeb is to young to bury there, let him continue to have lack luster debates and he will bury himself.


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