Sheriff David Clarke: Barack Obama Started This War On Police • Judge Jeanine

This push to start a race war primarily between disgruntled blacks and white folks is definitely Obama’s doing. He and his minions are deliberately provoking old fears and resentments in order to further destabilize American society. I am glad there are people like this police chief who are catching on to Obama’s scheme. I just hope more of them, black and white, will jump on the bandwagon of dissent against this administration. The Democrats need to be taught a lesson for allowing someone like Barack Hussein Obama occupy the White House in the first place.

Jim Campbell's

crew-22312Wow, wouldn’t you like to know what he really thought.

Great for Sheriff Clark, to come out and name Obama specifically.

clarke12 nws kwg 1--Sheriff David Clark PHOTO: KRISTYNA WENTZ-GRAFF/

It’s a safe bet that the Democrat nominee for president will receive a minority of votes from police, sheriffs, and the armed forces.

They understand that nothing will change until we put a conservative president in the White House and replace the current attorney general with Trey Gowdy, or a person of his character.

Latest Cop Killing Brings Chants of ‘Pigs in a Blanket, Fry’em Like Bacon’  

This guy is a special kind of racist moron and deserves the death of a thousand cuts.

Sheriff David Clarke is not one to mince words, and now he’s blaming a lack of presidential leadership for creating an atmosphere where protesters can openly call for the murder of police officers without comment from the White House.

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