We Have to Fight!


Source: LaRouchePAC

We’re being buffaloed by Obama, or what he represents. Although Obama’s policy is a fast road to total destruction, including thermonuclear war probably this month,— yet people are adapting to it. They’re tending to submit to it, saying, “It’s hopeless; we have to submit.”

This is what’s killing us.

Americans have capitulated to two two-term Presidents: first Bush, and then Obama. Just think how many young people have come to maturity during those fifteen years? You’re dealing with an entire generation which is intrinsically degenerate, because they never really knew anything. Our young people really have no understanding of anything. Young people and young adults just fall into it. A whole oldest generation has died out in the meantime, and this one replaced it.

As the result, the population has lost all comprehension of what has been happening, as the whole society has tilted sharply into this capitulation…

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