Florida judge bars people from protesting outside the courtroom if they DISAGREE with his decisions!

Christian Patriots

(NaturalNews) Earlier this month, a Florida judge found himself at the center of a controversy when he decided to issue a ban on demonstrations near the courthouse where he presides, when such protests involve the criticism of judges.

From the order issued by Judge Mark Mahon:

Demonstrations or dissemination of materials that degrade or call into question the integrity of the Court or any of its judges (e.g., claiming the Courts, Court personnel or judges are corrupt,” biased, dishonest, partial, or prejudiced), thereby tending to influence individuals appearing before the Courts, including jurors, witnesses, and litigants, shall be prohibited on the Duval County Courthouse grounds….

Apparently, Judge Mahon objected so strongly to some of the criticism aimed at him that he felt the need to ignore First Amendment principles regarding free speech. He even threatened protesters with criminal contempt of court charges for participating in such demonstrations.

The judge’s…

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