Obama’s Iran Negotiators are Basically a Bunch of College Kids

crew-22312That’s right dear readers, think the movie, “Animal House,” except the members of the fraternity are all lefty’s
We should expect nothing less from team Obama and his trusty tribe.  The feel of a college dorm room during exam week,Front Page MagazineJuly 7, 2015

Daniel Greenfield

The Obama administration, aside from everything else wrong with it, is a Peter Pan project staffed by lost boys and girls with no intention of growing up for whom government is just a bigger version of their college dorm. This is also increasingly true of the media.


Unsurprisingly, it’s true of the boys and girls wrangling with Iran over the fine points of how many times it gets to nuke us.

VIENNA — The US negotiating team here over the past five weeks has gone through 10 pounds of Twizzlers (strawberry flavored), 20 pounds of string cheese, 30 pounds of mixed nuts…

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