Moment Philadelphia police lift car that was blocking funeral procession for hero officer shot dead robbery gun battle

God bless all of our police officers that put their life’s on the line everyday, and make many sacrifices to serve and protect!! I am so sick to death of liberal losers playing the blame game and acting like they are above the law!

NO MORE EXCUSES! It way past time for our elected and appointed officials to start taking up for us Legal, Law abiding, taxpayers, that by the way pay your salaries; instead of the Illegals and Criminals!!! 

Christian Patriots


-Robert Wilson III was killed after he opened fire on robbers who’d stormed a video game store where he was in line to guy a game for his son

-Two men with semi-automatic weapons tried to rob the store and over 50 shots were exchanged as Wilson shielded customers

-Police award for courage under fire has been renamed for the officer and is now called the Robert Wilson III Medal of Valor

The funeral procession for a slain Philadelphia cop was nearly stopped before it began were it not for the strength and ingenuity of some mourning officers.

Faced with a car blocking the route following Sunday’s funeral, no owner in sight and no tow truck near enough to move it in time, over a dozen of Robert Wilson III’s fellow policemen pitched in to move it themselves.

‘We just moved the car,’ explained Springfield Township Corporal Shawn Hart.

It was…

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