Three Mosques Burnt This Week in Sweden

Good for them! I don’t blame them a bit! They are tired of the Satanic Savages destroying their country and raping their women and children!! The Islamic/Muslim Devils want to convince everyone that they are NOT evil and are peaceful, BULLSHIT! Wake up, there is NOTHING peaceful about them! They incite rioting, torturing, raping, murdering, and in their satanic cult it is alright to LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, and KILL! If America does not stop the invasion, it will become just as messed up as England, France, Sweden, etc….

sharia unveiled

APTOPIX Sweden Mosque Fire

by, Tom Sullivan | Yahoo News | h/t Brandon Watkins III

Stockholm, Sweden (AFP) – Swedish police launched a manhunt Thursday after the third arson attack against a mosque in a week, amid growing tensions over the rise of a far right anti-immigration movement.

“People saw a man throwing something burning at the building,” police in Uppsala said in a statement, adding that the mosque in eastern Sweden did not catch fire and that the suspect had left behind “a text on the door expressing contempt for religion.”

A police spokesman told Swedish news agency TT that the burning object was a Molotov cocktail and that no one was in the building at the time.

Sweden’s Islamic Association posted a photograph online of the main door of the mosque, which was emblazoned with the slogan “Go home Muslim shit”.

The police were alerted by passers-by, who reportedly witnessed the attack at…

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