Kelli D Gordon III% Texas USA

If YOU WANT TO RESCUE LIBERTY then direct YOUR State Legs to adopt The Countermand Resolution NOW… If THEY want to rescue Liberty and defend and protect The Constitution and uphold their Oaths then they are gonna have to go around The US Congress, Courts and Executive Branches to do it… Using The Art 5 Strategy!!
The States created the Federal government to function properly and The States ARE SOVEREIGN. We are NOT subjects to the federal government..Meaning, according to The Constitution 34 Sovereign United States can modify that Federal Government!!… No permission necessary… The Art 5 is the way to do it… Our honorable State Legislatures need The Power of The Countermand NOW!! We will rein in this federal overreach with The Countermand!!! To learn more visit us at

article v gentlemen

We need 34 states to adopt The Countermand Resolution which means we need 51% of both the House and…

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