NYPD Murders: The Guilty Parties are Sharpton, Deblasio, Obama, and the Media


Give Me Liberty

This is from Patriot UpDate.

If a white person made the remarks about blacks the way Holder, Obama, Sharpton and De Blasio made about whites they would have been locked up.

Sadly, these racist thugs will be hailed as being bold by speaking out.

What do we call those who encourage others to commit criminal acts? That’s right. We call them “criminals.” Two New York City police officers are brutally murdered while sitting in their police cruiser. By now the world knows that the perpetrator was a young black man with an extensive criminal record who viewed police officers as the enemy—an enemy to be eliminated. But was Ismaalyl Brinsley alone in committing this heinous act? Hardly. Several other parties must share in the blame because they indirectly encouraged what happened on that tragic Saturday afternoon in New York. Who are those other parties? They are numerous, but prominent among them are Al…

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