IRS Sets Precedent For Governmental Gun Seizure Without Charges

Give Me Liberty

Hat Tip To Bullets First.

Abolish the Internal Revenue Service immediately.

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In America we have this understanding that we are innocent until PROVEN guilty.  Unfortunately, a law concerning the Internal Revenue Service has flipped that notion on its head and it is a reversal of fortune that believers of 2nd Amendment should take notice of.

Using the “Civil Asset  Forfeiture Reform Act of 2000” the IRS can quite simply seize a persons entire fortune without actually filing any charges against them.  It is up to the victim of the IRS to hire a lawyer and pay the legal fees in order to prove that their life savings are legitimate.

Initially concocted under the notion of combating drug traffickers, gangsters and terrorists, the Act has been used mostly against law abiding citizens.  In 2012 for instance, 639 people had their assets seized, only about 1 in 5 of which ever led to…

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