Who Do They Think We Are? The administration’s Ebola evasions reveal its disdain for the American people.

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If we don’t momentarily close the door to citizens of the affected nations, it is certain that more cases will come into the U.S. It is hard to see how that helps anyone. Closing the door would be no guarantee of safety—nothing is guaranteed, and the world is porous. But it would reduce risk and likelihood, which itself is worthwhile.

I say stop ALL travel from Ebola infected areas COMPLETELY!! STOP worrying about Africa, and take care of America and Legal Americans, who by the way pay your salary, you POS SOBS!!

It is NOT America’s job to save the rest of the world, and to hell with America’s safety of her citizens!!

I am sick to death of you liberal, progressive LOSERS pandering to the rest of the world and SHITTING on us Americans!!

If you hate America so much, then GTFO of America!! Go to one of the Third world Hell Holes run by the Communists and Islamic DEMONS!

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Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 4.56.30 PM

The administration’s handling of the Ebola crisis continues to be marked by double talk, runaround and gobbledygook. And its logic is worse than its language. In many of its actions, especially its public pronouncements, the government is functioning not as a soother of public anxiety but the cause of it.

An example this week came in the dialogue between Megyn Kelly of Fox News and Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control.

Their conversation focused largely on the government’s refusal to stop travel into the United States by citizens of plague nations. “Why not put a travel ban in place,” Ms. Kelly asked, while we shore up the U.S. public-health system?

Dr. Frieden replied that we now have screening at airports, and “we’ve already recommended that all nonessential travel to these countries be stopped for Americans.” He added: “We’re always looking at ways that we can better protect…

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