Speaker Boehner claims unemployed are lazy while calling for more foreign workers in same hour


Go to hell Boehner, you POS!! The Unemployed are NOT lazy!

Bringing in more foreign workers is NOT the solution. Our jobs should go to Legal Americans NOT Illegals and Foreigners!

You communist/demon-rat bastards and rinos have killed our economy and blocked job creation! So, people cannot find jobs NOT because they are lazy but because there are NO jobs!

I hope and pray that Boehner and all you other demon-rats and rinos are all unemployed real soon!! You selfish SOBS will never understand how we feel, because you Corrupt Bastards will receive our taxpayers money even when you do not work! You Evil SOBS make me sick!!

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Speaker of the House John Boehner visited the American Enterprise Institute on Thursday to give a speech on the economy.  While speaking at the think tank, Boehner proved to the American people just how out of touch he was with reality.

In the question and answer portion of his appearance, Speaker Boehner renewed his commitment to increasing the flow of foreign workers into the US workforce and passing amnesty:

“Immigration reform will help our economy, but you’ve got to secure the border first.  We’ve got a mess and everyone knows we’ve got a mess. Our legal system is broken, our border isn’t secure, and we’ve got the problem of those who are here without documents. It needs to be fixed. we’re a nation of immigrants, the sooner we do it, the better off the country would be.”

During that same Q&A, Boehner continued to show his true colors:

“This idea…

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