A landowner’s view of the Texas Border situation

Kelli D Gordon III% Texas USA

ReBlogged From Uncle Sams Misguided Children                          August 24, 2014

Drug runners along the Texas border- photo from Border Patrol

“The criminals who are crossing the river, and going through my property are going north. One day they may be stopping in your backyard. Will you feel safe at night?” A Texas landowner

Misguidedchildren spoke to several people who have firsthand knowledge of the problems at the border. One of them, a property owner whose land butts up to the Rio Grande River, is fed up with the problems. We will call him “Mr. Colorado.” He is outspoken about the problems he deals with on a daily basis.

Mr. Colorado’s property is split in two by the so-called “border fence.” The Federal government purchased the land for the fence- 3 acres- at only $500 per acre. Other landowners received from $7,000 to $15,000 per acre.  Was it because Mr. Colorado is outspoken?


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