I Will Remember Him As A Big Fat LIAR, THIEF, and MURDERER!! He Is The Biggest Hoax Ever Carried Out On Americans!!


My gut (instincts) told me before he had his way bought into our W.H, that he was a LIAR and a FRAUD!!

Anyone who immediately seals all his records (to cover up his Corruption and Communism) is a sorry SOB, and NOT fit to be in our W.H.!! Hell, the SOB collected our American taxpayers money to pay for his college as a foreign student!! He should be FORCED to pay us back!


I hate everything that the POS stands for….Lying, Cheating, Stealing, Murdering, Cover-ups, Setting up his enemies, having the IRS harass innocent Conservatives and Tea Party Patriots, supporting the Terrorists with our taxpayers dollars, bankrupting our country!!


He is DISGRACE to America, and I hope that he rots real soon in Hell with mohammed and bin laden and all the other demons that he sides with and supports!!


He is a HORRIBLE example for all young people of all races!! He teaches them to LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, COVER-UP, and do and say whatever he has, to in order to BLAME others for all his failures!! He has all the characteristics of a Dope Fiend!!!

Fundamentally Transforming America

As far as I am concerned that SOB rates a big fat Zero!! His mother was a whore, and we still do not who his daddy is, where he was born, or what his real name is!! He is NOT an American!! He has STOLEN a dead person’s social security number!! 

He has helped no one but himself and the muslim brotherhood terrorists!! He has turned his back on black people, and his own family!! He is a worthless POS! Anyone who approves of the DOG is a Traitor to America! My god, what else does that SOB have to do to get arrested and IMPEACHED???



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