On American Fascism

The Camp Of The Saints

I was heartened recently to hear that Mark Levin had called the Democratic Party Fascists.

Since 2008, at the very least, a number of us on the Right have been pointing-out that the Pelosis, Reids, Durbins, Clintons, Obamas, etc. of this world have been advocating policies that are Fascist by definition and by their nature, but we have been ridiculed and denounced as ‘extremists’ and ‘fringe fanatics’ [FYI: I do not count Mr. Levin as one of our tormentors].

It has taken much too long for many well-known people on the Right with popular forums to have their Come-To-Jesus moment, but, well…better late than never [although too much irreparable damage may have already been done in the meantime, so as to render the patient, The United States, terminal].

The Left In America are, indeed, Fascists.  They meet the definition nearly perfectly, as Mike Hendrix, proprietor of Cold Fury, points…

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