WH: Obama Looking to Act ‘Unilaterally’ on Guns

Well, we are looking forward to him rotting in jail or hell real soon!!

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White House: Obama Looking to Act Administratively, Unilaterally on Guns

June 10, 2014 8:09 pm

(The Blaze) – White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Tuesday that President Barack Obama is “always” looking for opportunities to act “unilaterally” again on guns, though he would prefer to work with Congress.
“The president’s goal is to look for opportunities to act administratively, unilaterally using his executive authority to try to make our communities safer,” Earnest said, responding to a question the day that a gunman opened fire at an Oregon high school, killing one student and injuring a teacher. “We’re always looking for those opportunities. But none of those opportunities when they present themselves is going to be an acceptable substitute for robust legislative action.”
Police said the shooter at Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon, was later found dead.
– See more at: http://www.teaparty.org/white-house-obama-looking-act-administratively-unilaterally-guns-44184/#sthash.QvKObAv1.dpuf

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