Political Correctness has its roots in Marxist ideology…

The Contemplative Thinker

For years we have maintained that the entire idea of one being politically correct is a direct result of Cultural Marxism ; subsequently, much of being politically correct can be traced directly to University of Pennsylvania professor Alan Charles Kors and lawyer Harvey A. Silvergate, as the two connected political correctness to Marxist philosopher Herbert Marcuse.

They claim that liberal ideas of free speech are repressive, arguing that such “Marcusean logic” is the base of speech codes, which are seen by some as censorship, in US universities. Kors and Silvergate later established the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, (FIRE) which campaigns against PC speech codes.

Some conservative critics claim that political correctness is Marxist undermining of Western values. William S. Lind and Patrick Buchanan have characterized PC as a technique originated by the Frankfurt School, through what Buchanan describes as “Cultural Marxism.” In The Death of the West…

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