INSANITY IN THE HEADLINES: Democrats Now INTENTIALLY Channeling Adolf Hitler; Employing His Tactics

The Oil for Your Lamp


Our world has gone insane: I mean literally, clinically insane. And Obama is leading the cabal of crazy people leading this nation into the abyss. But what is worse than this is the fact – yes, FACT – that the majority of Americans have embraced their insanity; they have willingly chosen to join the crazy people. If you question these assertions, then it is on you to explain how sane, reasonable people can willingly employ the tactics of Adolf Hitler, and why a sane, reasonable people would accept and embrace those tactics. Unless you can do this, then I will stick to what – at least in my mind – represents a much more charitable explanation: that they are crazy. Because, if they are not all insane, then the only other explanation is much, much worse – that they are evil incarnate. Here are just two stories that illustrate the…

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