Uncle Sam’s Evil Twin Is Poised to Kill Your Job, Your Granny, and Your Country


Source: The Daily Sheeple, by Molli Nickell, Granny Guerrilla

In last week’s column, Part One of “What Happened to Uncle Sam,” I shared information about the decline and impending death of America’s beloved icon, Uncle Sam. Sad to say, but We-the-People trusted our elected representatives, believed they would represent our best interests, and then shifted into snooze control. If you missed that column, it’s available at MY BLOG and/or THEBLAZE.

Over a period of several decades, while we slept, Uncle Sam was replaced by his evil twin, Uncle SCAM and a battalion of power-hungry corrupt-o-crats. They quietly infiltrated congress and our White House and activated the necessary steps to fundamentally transform America.

The really scary news here is that the final step of their long-term agenda, redistribution of wealth, is moving full-steam ahead under the guise of “healthcare for all.” Their socialist utopia is poised to become reality. Unfortunately…

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