EMPIRE LESSON ONE: Who Controls the Heartland, Controls the World


by Andrew McKillop, 21st Century Wire:

American Trilateralist and central planner, Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote the book, The Grand Chessboard, just after the conclusion of the cold war era, and laid out the case for a Eurasian geostrategy where the United States, with no real Eurasian challenger, would eventually emerge as the dominating power. But that outcome is far from certain now.

To understand where the geopolitics of the region is heading, and whether or not the current EU and BRICS formations will be able to hold their shape, it’s important to look back at recent history and previous imperial masterplans for dominating Europe and Asia.

Why Nazi Germany Went East

By 1919, an English geographer named Halford Mackinder had refined his “World Island Theory” to a few precepts, including the title of this article. At the time, his heartland/world island was young Soviet Russia, East Europe, Arabia and…

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