The Mindset of the Progressive Liberal Left


With all of the power plays and wrong thinking going on in this country today…spawning questions like:

– Why would members of Congress and the President want to add 20 million new unskilled and partially illiterate welfare dependant illegal aliens to an already bloated labor pool of legal americans …especially now when there are so many more important issues on the table?

– Why is the Nobel Peave Prize pretender Obama so aggressive in wanting to invade yet another middle eastern sovereign nation and involve this country in a war we have no business getting involved in? 

– All of the Executive orders and NDAA laws …all of the ammo and bizarre training exercises along with numerous false flag attacks that were immediately debunked ..why?  

I thought it would be a good time to remind everyone just who and what what we are dealing with ,…here is Dr. Sowell thx  EJ


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